Major Donald Munro (1832-88)

Major Donald Munro (1832-88)

From a Memorial Album of the 7th Tower Hamlets Rifle Volunteers – 1878. Promoted Colonel of the Regiment in 1886. Full honours Military Funeral. Preceding Colonel Sir Timothy Buxton presented a Pocket Bible to each man in the 1000 strong Battalion with a bookplate  reading “In Memory of Colonel Donald Munro 2nd Battalion Tower Hamlets Rifle Volunteers Who died 18 May 1888”

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Major Donald Munro (1832-88)

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  1. I have just unearthed my late Grandfathers Pocket Bible and on the inside is a sticker which reads:
    In Memory of
    Donald Munro
    Second Battalion
    Tower Hamlets Rifle Volunteers
    Who died 19th May 1888
    From Colonel Sir T.F> Buxton

    1. Thank you indeed for drawing this to my attention. I am also replying by email. Curiously the date quoted as 19th May differs from the obituary in the East London Advertiser of 26 May 1888, where it is given as 17th May. Furthermore the death certificate, a copy in my possession, gives 18th May. This date is that held in my database and within Donald’s entry on my website. Did Sir Timothy Buxton (of the East End brewing family of Truman Buxton & Hanbury), Donald’s predecessor, and founding Colonel of the RV, give a pocket Bible to each member of the battalion? The obituary mentions his widow hiring a special train to carry almost 1000 men to the City of London Cemetery. His red granite memorial can be seen there still, above his mother-in- law’s vault. She died in 1869. The last name on the Memorial is my cousin Kenneth Munro, killed in Burma in 1945, and also commemorated at the CWG Cemetery in Rangoon.

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