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The Runtz Story

John Rüntz John Rűntz was born on 20thDecember 1818. His father was also called John Rűntz and he was born circa 1787; almost certainly in Germany.  …

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Daisy Wood (1877-1961) – The Golden Age of Theatre (1880-1920)

Daisy (Violet Rose) Wood was born in the East End of London on September 15, 1877 – the fifth of nine children. Her father, John …

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7th Tower Hamlets Rifle Volunteers
History of the Tower Hamlet Rifle Volunteers

Reproduction of an article in Cockney Ancestor, the journal of the East of London Family History Society in  April 2017; by kind permission of the …

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Pavilion Theatre Whitechapel

Here follows links which give the historic record of the  Theatre, a key focus of this family history.,_Whitechapel   December 2016    

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Marie Lloyd – A Little Bit of What You Fancy Does You Good

“A Little Bit of What You Fancy Does You Good” sung by Marie Lloyd is from the album Wink the Other Eye, which can be purchased …

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Whitehall Chigwell Row Chigwell Essex
Whitehall Chigwell Row

This link will take you to text in the Essex County Council Archives relating to Whitehall Chigwell Row which was found in a 1920s Sale Catalogue . …

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Daisy Wood (1877-1961)

An  article appeared on the Collectors’ Post website in 2002, and is reproduced in a Related File on this site by courtesy of Sydney Higgins, …

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7th/2nd Tower Hamlets Rifle Volunteers

My great-grandfather Donald MUNRO (1832-88) was Colonel of this regiment at the time of his death, but hitherto no photograph of him, or fellow soldiers, has …

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Major Donald Munro (1832-88)

First published 1980 in the Journal of the East of London Family History Society Republished in the Journal 1999 Again Revised 2002/8 Edited and republished …

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Marie Lloyd in Music Hall heyday
Marie Lloyd (1870-1922)

Music Hall star of her generation. The author’s Great Aunt. MARIE LLOYD   (1870-1922) “Lord Callaghan once quoted a pop singer, but it was Marie Lloyd, who …

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