Marie Lloyd Family circa 1900

Marie Lloyd’s Family circa 1900

Marie Lloyd, born Matilda Alice Victoria Wood (1870-1922) was a renowned star of the Victorian & Edwardian era, whose name is always remembered in England when Music Hall is mentioned. The author’s grandmother, Marie’s sister, Daisy Wood (1877-1961), is on the far left of the picture.The last of this family group, Anne, died in 1976.

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Marie Lloyd Family circa 1900



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  1. I am one of the great great granddaughters of Arthur Lloyd. I wonder if I could talk to someone from the Wood family who is alive.

    1. Hi Valmae, my Nan is also a great great Grandaughter to Daisy she believes. She doesn’t know much but Daisy became a Smith, and that’s where her family tree started. It would be very interesting to hear what you know, if anything!

  2. My grandmother maiden name Kezia Lillian Gotts born 189? in London is believed to be related to Marie Lloyd but we do not know for sure or in what way if she was ? Dawn Smith

    1. Hi Dawn, my Nan believes her blood line is Smith, as Daisy (Marie’s sister) married to a Smith. My Nan also has mentioned that her Grandmothers name was Lillian.. possibly named after your Grandmother?

  3. Marie Lloyd was my grandmothers great aunt, through her fathers side. I would love to find out how the bloodline goes from her down to my family now.

    1. Elizabeth Forward

      Hi there, Marie Lloyd is my great grandfathers aunt. I was wondering if I could get in contact with some distant relatives?

  4. Hi, My name is Anne Bulcraig (was Wood before I married),
    I have always been told my family are related to Marie Lloyd, and that she was a sister or Aunt to my great grandfather. or something like that.
    My great grandfather was Frederick Wood, and from London area. I would love to know where Marie links with my family.

  5. I have developed a bit of an interest in Marie Lloyd over the last year or two and also in Marie’s sister’s especially in all of there later lives although there doesn’t appear to be much information regarding any of them on line except for maybe Alice who became well known on stage in America during the first decade of the 1900s. Also of interest for me is the year each of them died and so far I have discovered that Rosie died in 1944, Alice died in 1949 Maud died in 1951 Daisy died in 1961 & Annie died in 1976 and as for Grace her date is usually shown as 1961 but I am not sure if that is the true year of her death and is not being confused with her sister Daisy who also died in 1961 anyway does anyone know the correct date of when Grace died or was it also 1961 the same as Daisy?.

  6. I’m Ernest wood my dad a singer in clubs checked family tree and comes up as related to Marie lloyd

  7. Hi,
    My maiden name was Wood, my father was Arthur Waylett Wood, his father was Walter Wood, other names on my dads side is John Waylett whose father was also John Waylett, Marie lloyd is/was related to me but trying to work the family tree out at the moment.. Its possible we are related, my birth date is 12/03/1950..
    Hope this is of some help.

    1. I have to say that I cannot confirm your linkage to the Wood family. All the Woods in Marie’s line are included on my website.

      Best wishes in your further research

      Ian Munro

  8. Hello Anne!

    I was told similar when I was younger…….unless I’m mixing her up with Lily Langtry!!
    Hope you’re well.

  9. My late grandmother’s cousin was Marie Lloyd. Marie Lloyd attended my nan’s 9th party around 1894/5. Grandmother was very Victorian in thoughts and dress,being prim and proper and was embarressed to acknowledge she was related to Marie Lloyd. x

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